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Trauma Informed, Tele-therapy for Adults Residing in NC

Why Tele-Therapy?: Video


A safe space to celebrate, heal, and nurture your authentic, healthy self.

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Welcome to Firefly Counseling NC!


When having a history of trauma or not understanding your mental health, it can cause feelings of just trying to survive instead of experiencing joy and serenity.  FC is here to empower you through understanding the power of choice and healing.

Educati​on & Creativity

Life doesn't fit in a box.  Often we need to be equipped through education and creativity to navigate life.  FC assists clients in matching up coping skills that work for them while feeling grounded in resources, understanding, and the power of choice.  Sessions offer the choice of talking, virtual walking, workbooks, and/or art.


We are all human beings sharing a planet. In order to experience serenity, we often need tools in healthy communication and boundaries in our  homes, work, and friendships.  Community Matters!  At FC, we hope for generational healing so that thriving in hope & healing is our legacy!

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