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About Us

I am so glad you have chosen to care for your mental health! Firefly Counseling NC is a safe space to celebrate, heal, and nurture your authentic, healthy self.

Our Values:  Empowerment, Creativity, Education, Community.

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Cynthia McSwain, LCMHC:: Therapist


Welcome to Firefly Counseling NC.  I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC, 12249) in North Carolina.  I have worked with adult clients who have a history of complex trauma, depression, anxiety, life changes, and multiple diagnoses that increased challenges with navigating stressors, thoughts, and changes.   I gained my Master of Science of Mental Health Counseling from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (NCA&T).  From there, I facilitated psychoeducational co-parenting groups, was a trauma specialist therapist, and created materials and facilitated intensive outpatient groups focused on gaining and utilizing mental health coping skills to boost stability and emotional management.  I have experience utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy techniques (DBT), and using art to process emotions and situations while building a framework of coping skills and emotional balance.  I worked as an individual and group therapist that empowered clients with increasing stabilization, using coping skills, and valuing self. I am a LGBTQIA+ affirming clinician who has worked with diverse populations.


  • Complex Trauma:  Sexual, Physical, Emotional

  • Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and have served and happy to serve multiple diagnoses

  • Coping Skill Building:  CBT, DBT including Mindfulness, Art, Workbooks, Walking virtually

LGBTQIA+ affirming clinician


Therapy Style

 I am so glad you have chosen to care for your mental health!  Coming to Firefly Counseling NC is a positive step of collaboration in encouragement, education, and empowerment!  My practice is a trauma informed, tele-therapy practice for adults who reside in NC.  During sessions clients have options to utilize art, walking, Mindfulness skills, and talking to further their mental health.  My evidence-based approach focuses on collaborative work that equips clients in creating balance in their life.  I enjoy building framework with clients to come out of survival mode and move towards thriving by advancing in the power of choice, skills, and stability.  I believe therapy is a safe space to celebrate, heal, and nurture your authentic, healthy self.

Interests and Balance

I am someone who cherishes spending time with animals and community.  I choose to practice balance through volunteering, painting, and relaxing with a British crime show.  As a fellow traveler in the mental health journey, I care for myself through therapy, meditation, support groups, affirmations, and a variety of creative outlets.


Firefly Counseling of NC​

Why a firefly?  Honestly fireflies are unattractive insects.  You might say "ugly" or "scary," but they sure make us smile! They warm a night sky,  inviting us to feel whimsical and  safe with their glow.  


Fireflies are a symbol of us and our journeys.


We may have histories that we've attached with shame or guilt, or we might have experiences that feel scary.  Yet, we are human beings that offer joy, peace, love. We are fireflies!  So glow and be unique on the path to your authentic healthy self!

Painting of Firefly


Be a Firefly.

Gleam and Glow.

Light the Dark.

Tiny but Shiny.

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