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Cynthia McSwain, LCMHC

Phone:  336.347.8831

Fax: 336.450.1894

No general solicitation messages/faxes.  Happy to coordinate with community resources and referrals.


Availability for NC resident clients (ages 18+):  

To begin the appointment process,

please send an email with information found in this form :  

Click Here

  Please see below for great resources.


Pasadena Villa-Triad:  

  • If you are needing more than intensive services but not hospitalization (this is not a hospital).

  • PV Triad takes insurance and private pay, does not take Medicaid or Medicare

  • Half Day Program and Full Day Program.

  • •Learning coping skills to manage intense emotions and heightened mental health symptoms.

  • Virtual and in person options.

  • Offered in 7 states, other NC cities, and other locations do offer residential services.

  • This location is for adults.

  • Details at


Carolina Attention Specialists: 

If you are needing diagnosis, medication, or services regarding ADD/ADHD (it is MORE than energy, it's memory, communication, time management, and relationship skills.) Empower yourself and your diagnosis:

Kaluluwa Counseling:


Let Your Light Shine Counseling:

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