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  • Firefly Counseling of NC offers individual, trauma informed, tele-therapy  those who are 18 or older and reside in NC.

  • Therapy style options are talking, workbooks, art, practicing and learning coping skills, and/or virtually walking together.  

  • Some of the evidence based theories utilized are CBT, DBT, and Mindfulness. 


  • All sessions occur as tele-therapy.  We use Google Meet Workspace.  This platform can be set up for free through a Gmail account.  

  • Communication of appointment links to attend therapy session is sent via email.  

  • Communication about insurance and payments comes through Headway.  My Headway profile:  Click Here


  • We are open Monday-Friday.  Session hours vary by day. 

  • We are not a crisis center.  Please see Contact page for a local intensive service treatment option.

  • Hours:

  • Monday:        9am-2pm

  • Tuesday:        9am-6pm

  • Wednesday:  9am-6pm

  • Thursday:       9am-4pm

  • Friday:            8am -12pm

  • To begin the appointment process, please send email withe the information in this form:

  • Click Here

Hope & Challenge


Insurance & Fees

  • Therapy is hard work!  It means taking an honest look at ourselves and being willing to change, grow, and discover balance.  

  • At Firefly Counseling  of NC, we want to empower you further in thriving! Get ready to collaborate and work!

  • It can be hard to hear that a therapist is only available for certain times or specialties.  At Firefly Counseling of NC, we don't want to set anyone up for exhaustion or false expectations.  

  • Clients and therapists need balance and self care and not to get stuck in a cycle of imbalanced expectations.

  • So at Firefly Counseling of NC, we want to be up front and positive about what we CAN offer!

  • Firefly Counseling NC is currently taking Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Optimum, Oscar, Oxford, United Healthcare, and Private Pay.

  • We are working on being paneled with additional agencies.

  • If a client does not give a 24 hour notice for a scheduled appointment, there is a $75 fee.

  • All payments and invoices are managed through Headway.


No general solicitation messages.  

Happy to communicate and coordinate community resources and referrals.

Firefly Counseling NC Flyer

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